What is Right-Sized Leadership?

If you enjoy reading business or productivity books, you may have noticed the new hot topics: focus and attention management. These books proclaim that it isn't enough to be efficient and effective, but you also need the discipline to filter out all the distractions that come with our always-on digital culture. 

I absolutely agree with these books (and may mention some of them by name in the future), but there's another type of wrong-sized thinking that occurs in companies of all sizes: leadership sabotaging their company culture and success by not knowing where to focus their time and energy—and by not empowering their employees to succeed.

Right-size leadership is when the CEO (or any executive leader) understands when to be hands-on and when not to; when to support and when to criticize; when they are needed to troubleshoot and get into the weeds, and when they should give their team a chance to do their jobs. And a right-size leader also knows how to set a unified goal for the team and to not go after the new shiny.

About two years ago I stopped blogging (you can check out my previous blog here), mainly because I had run out of what to say and I didn't want to keep blogging for its own sake. Lately I've been feeling the urge to start again, more so to share what I'm seeing and perhaps to help an aspiring leader not go down the wrong path.

Until next time.


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