Delegation Test

Have you ever heard a CEO or founder complain that they're spending too much time in X, and wish they could focus on Y? 

If you're honest enough to admit you've said this yourself, here's a quick test for you: Do you have someone whose job it is to do X? 
  • If not, then either outsource or hire; or if you can't afford to do this yet, look into how you can automate or streamline it.
  • If yes, then why are you doing their work? If it's because they truly are not able to do it—and this assumes you've given them both feedback and time—then fire them and hire someone better. Otherwise, give them that feedback and time and get out of their way.
Yes, I'm oversimplifying matters and it's hard to stay hands off when it's your baby, but your baby will never grow if you don't let it breathe. (See previous post on micromanagement.)

The wonderful thing about being CEO is you are your own boss. Yes, you may have investors and a board to answer to, but you decide to a large degree what you focus on day to day.

So if you don't want to do X, stop doing it!

Takeaway: CEOs need to be honest with themselves why they're spending too much time in the weeds, and delegate appropriately.


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