You Are What You Surround Yourself With

Years ago, when I was still single and dating, a man told me that I was too smart for him (wasn't sure how to take that). Since then, I've been told that I was overqualied for a job or two.

Jack Welch wrote in one of his books that ensuring he's the dumbest person on his team is a key to his success. This surprised me when I first read it, but I've tried to emulate it since.

As a CEO or founder, it's even more important to surround yourself with smart and competent people. Chances are they don't want your job, but either way, if you don't hire competent and smart people, you'll need to do their jobs for them and therefore won't get to your job (i.e., you'll fail the delegation test). 

And just like you are what you eat, I think that your intelligence and competence rises or falls based on who you surround yourself with. If you're around ambitious, go-getters, you'll be motivated to get off your arse and get things done (or will stop hanging out with them); and conversely, if you're around perennial couch potatoes, chances are you'll make more excuses. 

So don't be afraid to hire smarter! Let your team teach you a thing or two and your customers will thank you for it.

Takeaway: Don't be afraid to hire someone smarter than you; instead, be brave enough to learn from them and to allow them to bring your company and team to newer heights.


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