Forgive and Learn from Your Mistakes

Being a founder or owner is hard enough, and there will be many disappointments along the way, so stop punishing yourself for not being perfect or smart enough.

You're not meant to be the hero of your business, nor the person who knows it all or can do it all. Actually, aim for the exact opposite: surround yourself with smarter people and let them lift you and your business higher.

You're also not meant to know it all. How can you? You're creating something from nothing, which requires more bravery and courage than most people have. 

It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to be wrong, to occasionally be narrow minded, to occasionally make the wrong call...You're human. Running a company doesn't make you superhuman and you shouldn't try to pretend to be that for your staff's sake: they actually will respect you more for being honest and owning up to your mistakes.

Isn't this what you'd want them to do? (If your answer is anything other than yes, we need to talk.) So lead by example. That is what leadership is about. 

The key is to learn from your mistakes. So if you keep making the same mistake over and over, try to figure out why; otherwise, forgive yourself, learn, and move on.

Takeaway: You are not meant to be perfect or know it all, and making mistakes is part of being human; so forgive yourself, learn from your mistake(s), and set a great example for your team along the way.


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